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Maverick Outfitters is named after a once in a lifetime dog. I  was lucky enough to pick Maverick up as I was finishing school. Maverick embodies everything that we as a staff aim to be as waterfowl hunters. He's driven, motivated, disciplined, and flat out obsessed with everything waterfowl hunting. He's a reminder for everyone that hunts with us to never take a day in the field for granted. He cherishes every moment he gets to hunt no matter the weather or circumstance.  As a staff, we are some of the lucky few who get to chase our dream day in and day out. We do not take a single day in the field for granted and we're extremely appreciative that we get to share our passion with our clients. We hunt in a state with a world class waterfowl hunting tradition and we try to honor the standard that those who hunted it before us set on every single hunt. Every staff member at Maverick Outfitters truly fell in love with Puddle Duck, Canada Goose, and Diver hunting at a young age. Some of us were taught how to hunt by our dads, some of us are self taught, all of us are completely obsessed. We focus on hunting the right way. We provide tight shooting, great calling, professionally brushed/ comfortable blinds, the best gear on the market, and GREAT dog work. We are going to do everything within our power to provide all of our clients with a once in a lifetime experience. We look forward to sharing a blind with you soon!


- Matt Opsahl, Owner

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